The VR-SC1, C-6 Snake charmer


Corvette Owners are a very special bread, the care and love that goes into their Vettes boarders on the obsessive. So why put anything else but quality proven parts that offer a guaranteed performance boost for your C6. Over a year of R&D went into the concept and design of the Snake Charmer Intake. Im not even sure where to begin, Lets start at the Filter

Filter Element:



  • The filter for this unit is a custom design

  • It is a pleated unit that is washable and reusable just like similar unnamed brands, but that is where all similarities end, the filter features deeper pleats and more pleats per inch than other filters and the peaks and valleys have been opened to further increase flow capacity per square inch. The end result is a very compact high flow filter that will out flow K&Ns of similar dimension by over 30% while actually giving better air filtration, you simply have more filter area that is effective area not dead space.

  • The latest in fluid dynamic software was used to check the flow path of the snake charmer. The flow is so well balanced into the mass airflow meter that at full speed 180 mph+ the airflow is within 1 mph across the entire circumference of the entrance leading into the air meter, the factory tube is not that good!

  • Rainwater will not affect this unit, nor will down pours, you will have to submerse the nose of the car.


  • The unit is formed using two construction processes
    1. The upper is roto molded to ensure a seamless internal aero package leading into the air meter.
    2. The lower scoop is vacuum formed, this has been done to allow us to alter the scoop and its aero-packages to suit specific applications, giving us more flexibility and performance in street or racing use. This ensures maximum performance at all times.


Performance Guarantee!!

On a dyno without using any special programming you should expect 10-15hp from any cold air kit,but once moving the VR will put all the lost MAP pressure back into the plenum yielding another 17hp by 60mph 19-20by 90-100mph and the way we rate our kits is through a mile Your total power through a mile is about another 22hp plus the dyno hp of 10-15hp,so, on the low side, 32 Rear wheel hp, high side 37 Rear wheel hp. That’s 39- 42hp at the fly wheel through a mile. This power shows up in the testing performance of the unit where we see gains of the following:

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3.5 -4 tenths off the mile
+3.5-4mph+ added to the mile trap speeds
+7-10MPH to the cars top speed

That is serious performance considering that is right out of the box, The performance has been maximized with the factory programming so more may be possible with custom tuning and we are working with tuners and racing teams now on such programs, so look for these in the future with a VR program or upgrading to a VR programmer if you already own one such a programmer.

You cant go wrong with this intake for your C6 Corvette. Order today!

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