2008-09 Pontiac G8/ GXP/ Holden, Ram Air system (Ram air V)



Ok! For all my Pontiac Friends out there. McBride Motorsports is proud to offer up the VR-G8 Ram Air System. If you want proven performance for you Pontiac G8 the new Ram Air System is the way to go. At a glance here are some of the benefits of this system.


At a glance:
• Produces a real-world 35hp+

• This product is a direct bolt on

• Flows an incredible 1400-2000CFM+! (Depending on the filter used)

• No modification of the vehicle required.

• Unreal throttle response

• Reduces 0-60mph by a full ½ second! (As tested 5.2 stock vs 4.7 & 4.65 best with
VR system NO TUNING!) With a tune, we saw 4.4 sec but no grip to go faster.

• Reduces ¼ mile ET by 3 tenths and adds +3mph Minimum

• (NO TUNING) But with Tuning you will see and Increase in HP/TRQ as well as Fuel Efficiency .

If you are looking for some real world performance with a factory look this intake is the best there is!

Secure Pay Pal, Buy it Now

Ty McBride

Team Leader/Owner

McBride Motorsports





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