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I am happy to announce our new Partnership with SOULPER4MANCE (Performance / appearance parts company) offering up the brand new Vararam Intake for the 2012-15 Chevy Camaro V8-ZL1. Why go with some cheap Cold Air Intake Kit made in China using cheap parts and filter element when you can not only lower your intake temps lower your intake temps the more dense the intake charge wich equals more Horse Power and Torque! With gains up to 25-35HP and 35-45 Ft.Lbs of Torque with the Tune Model over the Factory and 20-30Hp and 22-35 Ft.Lbs of Torque with the no tune model. That adds up to 3-5 tenths in the 1/4 mile + 3-4 MPH


General features for the new Super Street spec system.
The following items were changed:
• The tail/ air box has had over 200cu/inches of volume removed to improve extreme low RPM 1,000-1,600RPM drivability.
• The filter- Here we now use a custom panel filter offering -washable and reusable made by Green USA to VR specs.
• Rifling The MAF – A custom 1/4 inch thick med density Honeycomb MAF screen has been added to both downsize the system and improve flow quality into the MAF at low throttle input. We did not stop there,  we went a step further by employing an elliptical neck vs round to further balance the flow across the MAF, this also helps to equalizes velocities in even the most extreme conditions.
• A front wing has been added to control the amount of air entering the system. This features several vortex generators to further aid overall airflow efficiency,
• A heat pad has also been added from the special service package (Police Camaro) This helps deflect the hot radiator heat when the fans are operating. This greatly reduces unwanted heat soak in static conditions.
• Available in Tune and NO Tune models14348625_1436397223044324_1590096363_n

If you are serious about upgrading the performance of your Camaro the VR-Ram Air Intake is the way to go. At $395.00 shipped to your door the performance gains are worth it. Order yours today!

Pay Pal. Click the link below for a secure payment (Please Leave Shipping Information, Number of Units and any other Comments)

Secure Paypal, Buy it now!



Phone: (406) 853-8994

Or contact us through our Facebook Page McBride Motorsports


Thank you, and Rember Be Safe, Keep it at the Track!

Ty McBride

Team Leader/Owner

McBride Motorsports


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