High Plains Raceway (HPR)



It used to be one of the most frustrating things about moving to a new area is finding out the locations of the local tracks and list of events. But thanks to the Internet these days, such information is just a key stroke away. I recently moved to the Denver CO area, and immediately started googling all the local race tracks. Some I have heard of like Pikes Peak International Raceway. Others I have had track time on such as Pueblo Motorsports Park, Not to mention some other famous tracks such as Bandimere Raceway where NHRA events are held. But I was able to find a newer track, One I have never heard of, High Plains Raceway (HPR)

When I first came across HPR’s website I was immediately impressed with not only the lay out of the track but also by the fact that this track is a completely dedicated Road Course Track.  The variety of options this track provides is insane. From Club Semi Pro/Professional Racing, Open Track days, Private Track Rentals to Test and Tune even the most inexperienced driver has access to wheel time.

I will be attending the Motorcycle Races Sept 16-17, It will be my first experience at this track and I am really excited. With smaller race tracks of all types closing at an alarming rate due to encroachment by housing/business developers who’s homeowners maliciously attack these tracks at a local and state level until they are forced to close their gates. It is imperative that everyone gets out their and supports their local tracks Or I fear we will have no place to race eventually and you WILL see a rise in illegal street racing. Stay safe everyone and I hope to see you at the track.


Ty McBride

Team Leader/Owner

McBride Motorsports

High Plains Raceway Contact Info


Track Information Hotline:
Call 303-769-4771Track Manager: Glenn Conser
Phone: 970-215-6040
Email Us
HPR Physical Address:
93301 East Highway 36
Deer Trail, CO 80105






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