Road Race Engineering (RRE)


How’s it going everybody? Ty McBride here Team Leader and Owner of McBride Motorsports. I would like to talk a bit about Road Race Engineering. RRE has a large reputation on the west coast for specializing in many different areas of Motorsports including Road Racing, Pro Rally, Street Performance along with other areas such as Drag Racing. Their particular area of specialty is the famous Mitsubishi 4G63T and now the newer 4B11T. Road Race Engineering was an important player in turning the McBride Motorsports car into what she is today. Below is a Dyno Sheet showing what the car is putting down for the Road Course. I would advise anyone interested in having some work done to their car in preparation for the track or maybe on their weekend driver. Check Road Race Engineering out! They have a modern 6,400 sq/ft facility with 3 lifts, machine and fabrication equipment, secure parking and experienced DSM and EVO mechanics!


Road Race Engineering Lives, Breaths and Eats at the track. Dont believe me? Check out their Page (Click the Link Below) and look at all the amazing cars that have rolled out of their shop!

 photo RRMlogosmall.jpg


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